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Ancient Thai Story Celadon Vase



The Chao Phraya River is Thailand’s chief and most celebrated river. The Chao Phraya runs through Bangkok on its journey to the Gulf of Thailand. The ancient story depicted on this magnificent vase tells of the grandeur of life and how life naturally thrives in the company of rivers. Without these aquatic places, all life on earth would wither and die.

The artist creates all of his images from an extensive knowledge of nature. The inherent powers of nature are his university, and this view is reflected in the graceful, dynamic, yet, oh so, subtle splendor of his vase. From its verdant greenish-blue color to the exquisite tableaus, nothing about this vase displays any of the bawdy, artificial appeal that yells, “Hey, look at me!” Ah, no. This vase allows the human eye to drink in its majesty as if strolling through the park on a peaceful, sunny day.


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